Can a gated vacation home project be sustainable?

A south Georgia vacation home development is marketing its first-in-Georgia green credentials hot ‘n heavy.

Flint River Preserve

Courtesy: Flint River Preserve

Flint River Preserve — in Worth County, just north of Albany — received four-star certification last fall from the National Association of Home Builders as a “green community.” It’s a gated development with a golf course along a riverfront more than 150 miles from its major market (Atlanta). Those aren’t qualities typically associated with sustainable development.

But the owners say they’ve incorporated quite a few sustainable features: “Everything within the community is recycled or sustainably sourced. Many of the benches and picnic tables are built from reclaimed wood. The roads are paved with reclaimed and recycled concrete. Georgia Power even has an eight-acre solar farm within Flint River Preserve that generates 1.0 megawatt of solar power. The amount of energy created by these solar panels is greater than what is used within the community.”

There’s also a community garden, an orchard and a working peanut farm. Two-thirds of the project’s 376 acres is said to be set aside as green space. A press release from the developer can be found here.



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