MARTA sales tax ‘menu’ overstates the transit it will fund

Atlanta City Council last week approved a half-penny transit sales tax for the Nov. 8 ballot. But it's still unclear what projects that tax would fund. State legislation making the tax vote possible requires MARTA to come up by the end of July with "a final list of new rapid [...]

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Kasim Reed: MARTA bill to allow ‘largest expansion’ ever

Kasim Reed offered up an enthusiastic endorsement today of legislation recently approved by the General Assembly that will allow city residents to vote this fall on a half-cent sales tax to expand MARTA. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons "This bill allows us to go to voters [...]

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5 ways House transportation tax plan robs Peter to pay Paul

State House Speaker David Ralston introduced a complicated scheme Wednesday to increase transportation funding with a seemingly contradictory claim. “This plan will provide more than $1 billion annually in new transportation dollars,” he said. “It does not result in an increase of state taxes on Georgians.” [...]

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Transportation Secretary Foxx makes the case for TODs

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx From U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, a very pithy argument for transit-oriented development of the sort that MARTA's pushing at five stations: When you build a transit station, it captures the imagination of real estate developers, and they start to build dense developments [...]

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Development is key question on Atlanta Streetcar’s impact

As usual, Atlurbanist took the words right out of my mouth with this post over the weekend identifying a core challenge for the Atlanta Streetcar. Rendering of Atlanta Streetcar near Georgia State's planned media center near Woodruff Park The 2.7-mile route isn't likely to get an enormous number [...]

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Would Deal gas tax hike snuff real Georgia transit solution?

One sentence stood out in last month's long-awaited report by the state Legislature's Joint Study Committee on Critical Transportation Funding: “It is in the state of Georgia’s and numerous transit systems’ best interests to establish a separate, permanent funding stream for those [systems]." Despite the embarrassing typo (the last word [...]

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Of course HNTB wants Georgia to spend more on transportation

Wait a second: Does Georgia really need to spend an additional $3.9 billion to $5.4 billion annually to meet its "full universe of transportation needs"? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution at least put a question mark after its $1.5 billion headline. That's what the contractor HNTB reported in its analysis for [...]

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