5 ways House transportation tax plan robs Peter to pay Paul

State House Speaker David Ralston introduced a complicated scheme Wednesday to increase transportation funding with a seemingly contradictory claim. “This plan will provide more than $1 billion annually in new transportation dollars,” he said. “It does not result in an increase of state taxes on Georgians.” [...]

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Would Deal gas tax hike snuff real Georgia transit solution?

One sentence stood out in last month's long-awaited report by the state Legislature's Joint Study Committee on Critical Transportation Funding: “It is in the state of Georgia’s and numerous transit systems’ best interests to establish a separate, permanent funding stream for those [systems]." Despite the embarrassing typo (the last word [...]

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Of course HNTB wants Georgia to spend more on transportation

Wait a second: Does Georgia really need to spend an additional $3.9 billion to $5.4 billion annually to meet its "full universe of transportation needs"? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution at least put a question mark after its $1.5 billion headline. That's what the contractor HNTB reported in its analysis for [...]

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